Ringke Car Mount Monster phone holder Black

Prekės kodas: ADE11618 / EAN: 8809583840254
Prekės ženklas: Ringke
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  • Universal car mount for smartphones, GPS, and multimedia devices allows secure and fastened hold in the ideal position on your dashboard to access the screen at a comfortable position for viewing driving directions with ease
  • Adjustable 360º hassle-free movement with multiple arm and base gears help to securely fasten your car mount with easy positioning in the exact desired position that prevents from blocking your view while driving
  • Travel in comfort with practical convenience using the Ringke Monster Car Mount arm with unique features to reposition with ease in a wide range of angles to set at the perfect placement that suits you best
  • Secure and residue free suction grip fits tightly on the dashboard and nearly all flat surfaces for ideal screen positioning. Reusable and washable pad is easy to clean with a quick rinse of water that retains the surface locking effectiveness of the grip pad.
  • Soft cushioned inner side holders safely and comfortably grip your device or smartphone in a stable and plush hold that keeps the screen locked in place.